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At the Stade de France, the Bataclan, in the cafes and restaurants of Paris... on Friday 13th November, terrorists killed and wounded many innocent people. And in doing so, they also aimed also to kill these places that we love, places which represent culture and a spirit of sharing.
We at WorldEventListings share the grief of the friends and families of the victims of the terrorist attacks of 13th November 2015. And we offer our unconditional support to all the cultural venues affected.
Our raison d'être has always been to share cultural information with as many people as possible. We will continue. We will win. Their failure is only a matter of time.


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Versailles is the prefecture of the Yvelines county, about 15 kilometres West of Paris. As a whole, Versailles's history revolves around the château. The city's 92 000 inhabitants enjoy a highly-privileged life environment, with prestigious, regal architecture and lush park areas.

Events in Versailles

EPV / Manaï

The Hall of Mirrors at the Château of Versailles, visit

All year long
Palace of Versailles Hall of Mirrors

EPV / Manaï

Château de Versailles, visit

All year long
Château de Versailles - Palace of Versailles

Musical Gardens, visit

From Tuesday, March 27 2018 to Tuesday, October 30 2018
Park and Gardens of the Château de Versailles

The Water Theatre Grove, Château de Versailles, visit

From Saturday, May 12 2018
Park and Gardens of the Château de Versailles

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