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At the Stade de France, the Bataclan, in the cafes and restaurants of Paris... on Friday 13th November, terrorists killed and wounded many innocent people. And in doing so, they also aimed also to kill these places that we love, places which represent culture and a spirit of sharing.
We at WorldEventListings share the grief of the friends and families of the victims of the terrorist attacks of 13th November 2015. And we offer our unconditional support to all the cultural venues affected.
Our raison d'être has always been to share cultural information with as many people as possible. We will continue. We will win. Their failure is only a matter of time.

Mozart's Residence - Mozart Wohnhaus Salzberg Mozarteum - Mozart's Birthplace Salzburg old city Saltzburg Cathedral - Salzburger Dom Mozarteum Salzburg Foundation


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This charming city in Austria is mainly renowned for its illustrious inhabitant, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. However, Salzburg is so much more than just the composer's birthplace. Showcasing its history and culture in a truly timeless atmosphere, Saltzburg boasts a fine architectural heritage, starting with the magnificent Hellbrunn Castle which keeps watch in the south of the city. The castle's sensational gardens and fountains make it extremely popular among visitors.

Events in Salzburg

Siemens Kinder Festival, classical music festival

From Friday, July 27 2018 to Sunday, August 26 2018

Anschluss, War and Ruins - Salzburg and its museum during the Nazi regime

From Thursday, March 8 2018 to Sunday, September 2 2018
Musée de Salzbourg - Neue Residenz

From Ibex to Big Fish, animals in the Bible

From Friday, March 23 2018 to Monday, September 17 2018
Université de Salzbourg

Saint Rupert's Day Fair

From Thursday, September 20 2018 to Monday, September 24 2018
Salzburg old city

A city ablaze, 200 years after the great fire of Salzburg, exhibition

From Saturday, April 28 2018 to Thursday, January 3 2019
Panorama Museum

Silent Night 200 - The Story, the message, the present

From Saturday, September 29 2018 to Sunday, February 3 2019
Musée de Salzbourg - Neue Residenz

Fairytale Exhibition, exhibition

From Saturday, October 21 2017 to Sunday, October 13 2019
Spielzeug Museum, musée du jouet

Jazz and the City

From Wednesday, October 17 2018 to Sunday, October 21 2018
Salzburg old city

Tourismus Salsburg

Mozart's Birthplace, visit

All year long
Salzberg Mozarteum - Mozart's Birthplace

Tourismus Salsburg

Saint Rupert of Salzburg Cathedral, visit

All year long
Saltzburg Cathedral - Salzburger Dom

© Schloss Leopoldskron

Hohensalzburg Fortress, visit

All year long
Hohensalzburg Castle

© Tourismus Salsburg

Mozart Family Home, visit

All year long
Mozart's Residence - Mozart Wohnhaus

Salzburg Summer Festival

From Friday, July 20 2018 to Thursday, August 30 2018
Mozarteum Salzburg Foundation


Classic Expo

From Friday, October 19 2018 to Sunday, October 21 2018
International Exhibition and Convention Center Salzburg

Magic Slam, magic competition

Friday, December 14 2018
Théâtre de marionnettes de Salzbourg