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At the Stade de France, the Bataclan, in the cafes and restaurants of Paris... on Friday 13th November, terrorists killed and wounded many innocent people. And in doing so, they also aimed also to kill these places that we love, places which represent culture and a spirit of sharing.
We at WorldEventListings share the grief of the friends and families of the victims of the terrorist attacks of 13th November 2015. And we offer our unconditional support to all the cultural venues affected.
Our raison d'être has always been to share cultural information with as many people as possible. We will continue. We will win. Their failure is only a matter of time.


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Cologne is one of the largest cities in Germany, perhaps because it is also one of the oldest. The real pillar of local economy is the service industry (in particular insurance, banks and media), a sector much advantaged by the city's status as an international crossroad, a hub of rail and road networks.

The local cathedral is the most visited site in the whole of Germany and the local Carnival (starting at 11:11AM on the 11th of the 11th month of the year) draws huge crowds from throughout Europe. The best times to visit are thus in November ...Read more

Events in Cologne

Lady Gaga, Joanne World Tour, concert

Tuesday, February 13 2018
Lanxess Arena

Cologne Flora and Botanical Garden

All year long
Flora & Botanischer Garten

OT Cologne

Visit to the Romano-Germanic Museum

All year long
Roman-Germanic Museum

The Fragrance Museum in Cologne, visit

All year long
Fragrance Museum in Cologne

© Koln Tourismus

Cologne Carnival, Rose Monday

Monday, February 12 2018
Cologne city centre


Fast and Furious, show

From Friday, March 2 2018 to Sunday, March 4 2018
Lanxess Arena


Lit.cologne, internationales Literaturfest

From Tuesday, March 6 2018 to Saturday, March 17 2018


Summerjam Festival

From Friday, July 6 2018 to Sunday, July 8 2018
Fühlinger Lake


c-o Pop Festival

From Wednesday, August 29 2018 to Sunday, September 2 2018
Cologne on pop gmbh

© Sean Pavone

Visit to Cologne Cathedral

All year long
Cologne Cathedral - Kölner Dom

© DR

Visit to Glockengasse 4711

All year long
4711 Museum


Visit to Cologne Zoo

All year long
Zoo of Cologne

More events in Cologne