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At the Stade de France, the Bataclan, in the cafes and restaurants of Paris... on Friday 13th November, terrorists killed and wounded many innocent people. And in doing so, they also aimed also to kill these places that we love, places which represent culture and a spirit of sharing.
We at WorldEventListings share the grief of the friends and families of the victims of the terrorist attacks of 13th November 2015. And we offer our unconditional support to all the cultural venues affected.
Our raison d'être has always been to share cultural information with as many people as possible. We will continue. We will win. Their failure is only a matter of time.

Fishermen's Bastion Budapest Parliament Széchenyi Chain Bridge


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Sprawled on both sides of the Danube, the capital of Hungary is a fascinating metropolis. The two banks of the city evolved quite separately over the centuries, given they were distinct communes: Buda grew over its two hills at the water's edge, while Pest spread out over its flat plain…

The Széchenyi Chain Bridge, the first ever to link Buda and Pest (before they were officially united as one city in 1872), is the city's emblem, its everlasting symbol.

The city of Budapest offers visitors a range of activities and events from cultural tours of this architectural goldmine to relaxing ...Read more

Events in Budapest

The Sas-Hegy site, Budapest, walk

All year long
"eagle hill" of Buda


Changes. Hungarian art after 1945, new hanging of the permanent exhibition

All year long
Hungarian National Gallery - Buda Castle


Discover Budapest in one day

All year long
Budapest Castle - Budai Várnegyed


Thermal Baths, Budapest

All year long
Széchenyi Bath


Ethnographic Museum Budapest, visit

All year long
Neprajzi Museum

Mathias Church, Budapest, visit

All year long
Matthias Church


Buda Castle, visit

All year long
Budapest Castle - Budai Várnegyed


Oktoberfest, beer festival in Budapest

From Sunday, October 1 2017 to Wednesday, October 4 2017
Budapest city centre

Marco Maccarini

International art market trade fair of Budapest

From Thursday, October 12 2017 to Sunday, October 15 2017
Millenáris Park

S. Pillaud / Sportissimo

Budapest International SPAR Marathon

From Saturday, October 14 2017 to Sunday, October 15 2017
Heroes' Square

James Thewlis

Budapest International Circus Festival

From Sunday, January 7 2018 to Thursday, January 11 2018
Fõvárosi Nagycirkusz

M. Gaye

The Budapest Parliament, visit

All year long
Budapest Parliament