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At the Stade de France, the Bataclan, in the cafes and restaurants of Paris... on Friday 13th November, terrorists killed and wounded many innocent people. And in doing so, they also aimed also to kill these places that we love, places which represent culture and a spirit of sharing.
We at WorldEventListings share the grief of the friends and families of the victims of the terrorist attacks of 13th November 2015. And we offer our unconditional support to all the cultural venues affected.
Our raison d'être has always been to share cultural information with as many people as possible. We will continue. We will win. Their failure is only a matter of time.



Tour of the Palace of Brussels

From Sunday, July 22 2018 to Saturday, September 7 2019
Royal Palace of Brussels

Tour of the Museum of Musical Instruments, Brussels

All year long
Museum of Musical Instruments - MIM

© Jean-Pol Lejeune

Tour of the Grand-Place, Brussels

All year long
Grand Place


Les Halles Saint-Géry, Market, Brussels

All year long
Saint-Géry marketplace

The Maison Autrique, Brussels, visit

All year long
The Autrique House

© www.visitbrussels.be

Tour of the Saints-Michel and Saint-Gudule Cathedrals, Brussels

All year long
Saints-Michel-et-Gudule cathedral

Pamela Moore

Tour of the Mini-Europe Park, Brussels

All year long

Tour of the Camille Lemonnier Museum, Brussels

All year long
Camille Lemonnier Museum

OT Bruxelles

The Brussels Museum of Gueuze Beer, visit

All year long
Brussels Gueuze Museum

© www.atomium.be - SABAM 2012 - DJ Sharko

Tour of the Atomium, Brussels

All year long


Tour of the Constantin Meunier Museum, Brussels

All year long
Constantin Meunier Museum

Visit of the Magritte museum, Brussels

All year long
Magritte Museum

Tour of the Museum of Fantastic Art, Brussels

All year long
Musée d'art fantastique de Bruxelles


Bruegel, unseen masterpieces

From Wednesday, March 16 2016 to Monday, March 16 2020
Royal Museums of Ancient and Modern Art

The Greenhouses of Laeken, visit

All year long
Laeken Greenhouses

Van Damme Memorial, Diamond League Athletics

Friday, September 6 2019
King Baudouin Stadium

© Jerome_Latteur

Tour of the Museum of Fine-Arts, Brussels

All year long
Fine Arts Palace - Bozar - Palais des Beaux-Arts

Tour of the Natural Science Museum, Brussels

All year long
Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences

Tour of the Royal Museum of Military History, Brussels

All year long
Royal Museum of the Armed Forces and of Military History

© Frank Toussain

The BELvue Museum, visit

All year long
BELvue Museum

Tour of the Royal Museums of Art and History

All year long
Royal Art and History Museums

Tour of the Belgian Museum of Judaism, Brussels

All year long
Jewish museum of Belgium

© Luc Viatour GFDL

Tour of the Old and New Royal Art Museums, Brussels

All year long
Royal Museums of Ancient and Modern Art

Guillaume Bottazzi

A giant painting by Guillaume Botazzi on place Jourdan

From Sunday, February 10 2019 to Tuesday, December 31 2019
Place Jourdan

© Marcel Vanhulst

Visitor Centre at the European Parliament, visit

From Tuesday, January 2 2018 to Monday, December 30 2019
European Parliament - Parlamentarium

Anastasia Stoeckmann

Biodivercity, permanent gallery at the Natural History Museum in Brussels

All year long
Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences

© Brussels International Tourism & Congress

Brussels City Museum, visit

All year long
Brussels City Museum